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    Tre Benefield

    Head Coach

    Tre Benefield - Head Coach


    Tre started Crossfit shortly after being stationed at Tinker AFB in 2013. Bored of squatting alone in the cramped on base gym, he came to Koda looking for like-minded folks who strive to be better in all walks of life. "I knew there was something special here at Koda when I could still have a blast finishing last in every workout." "Every workout..." "For three months."

    A former collegiate sprinter, specializing in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay, he knows firsthand the positive stimulus a little competition can provide. His athletic background is varied though; he's at home on the track, the court, the pitch or a mountain. Competing is important to Tre, big or small; he believes it's a great way to unlock the hidden potential in all of us.

    In coaching, his favorite moments are watching someone click into a movement he's teaching or correcting. "Seeing someone figure it out is the best. You're literally watching the physical manifestation of their synapses firing in ways they weren't just a second ago."

    For Tre, Koda IS Crossfit. It was his introduction and where he plans to continue growing.

    "I like being associated with a group of people who are aware of their limits but refuse to let them be permanent. I love that every single day; each person that walks through the doors has the opportunity to earn a "win" by exerting just a bit more effort than yesterday."

    Tre is passionate about quality movement, and through personal experience, knows that with repetition and time that quality movement will mold you into a better human.

    “First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” -Epictetus


    • Precision Nutrition Level 1
    • Working Against Gravity Coach Level 1
    • NSPA Certified Speed & Agility Coach
    • ALTIS Foundations Course
    • OPEX CCP (In Progress)

    On Social:

    Tyler Marley


    Tyler Marley - Coach

    What makes you excited?

    "I get excited for coffee in the morning and a good appetizer at a restaurant."

    “Okay. You people sit tight, hold the fort and keep the home fires burning. And if I’m not back by dawn....call the president” -Jack Burton

    On Social:

    “Typically things about my wife, my dogs , or something sarcastic. And maybe something about travel.”

    Laura Hunt


    Laura Hunt - Coach

    What makes you excited?

    I think what makes me excited is watching people make connections with movement or something they are learning. I love when I get to see it with my son, or other children, and also with adults. It feels like I am witnessing magic every time.

    I also get excited about running (especially running on the trails), running and movement mechanics, and brain function, especially as it is applied to learning and emotions, especially trauma. I think it is interesting to me because they are mundane processes that happen literally in the quiet recesses of our minds and bodies, and are actually resolved in those quiet and mundane moments in life. It’s beautiful.

    Just the entire song, “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen :)


    • LCSW, MSSW in Social Work, BA in Psychology
    • Assistant Distance Coach for Niceville High School Cross Country and Track and Field 18:58 5K PR & 1:27 13.1mi PR

    On Social:

    “Dad jokes, family pictures and moments, and sometimes music recommendations:) I also will sometimes post about things close to my heart, like the dangers of overtraining, the importance of nutrition for performance (not for looks), and loving yourself while also embracing change.”

    Emily Apollonio


    Emily Apollonio - Coach

    Trace Thews


    Trace Thews - Coach

    Mindy Carrell

    Front Desk Manager/Fit Sober Saturdays

    Mindy Carrell - Front Desk Manager/Fit Sober Saturdays

    What makes you excited?

    My Boys, CrossFit, Helping Others, Pizza, Music, Positivity, Learning, Competing, & Smiling!

    “…and she loved a little boy very, very much – even more than she loved herself.” -Shel Silverstein

    On Social:

    “Family, Fitness, Inspo, Funnies, Tattoos, Koda”