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3825 NW 166th St

Suite #B17

Edmond, OK 73012

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Oklahoma City, OK


Koda Native

Bethany, OK

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Norman, OK

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Tulsa, OK

Koda Iron View

Lafayette, CO

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    We are a tribe of individuals in the pursuit of a stronger life. We train smart, because your best results are on the other side of your best recovery. At KODA, we'll make the best use of your hour in the gym and help you optimize the other 23. You'll laugh, learn, WORK and step out the door prepared to take on the world.

    “You are met where you are and are still pushed and encouraged to grow at your own pace. The coaches and athletes here will rally around you every step of your fitness journey! Plus we have a ton of fun together which is important when working out and makes you want to come back. :)”-Aislinn

    Train with Koda Deer Creek

    You want to feel good and look capable.

    The path to get there isn’t complicated but it requires effort and patience. We squash fads here by training to raise our level of “General Physical Preparedness”; i.e. our ability to be strong but fast, agile but sturdy.

    So how does this work? Well, it all happens in Koda class!

    In order to be balanced, we have to train balanced. We strive for a broad application of physical attributes. The best way to get there is through functional movements. Think run, squat, push, pull, press, jump and throw; less crunches . We build basic skills in gymnastics, olympic weightlifting and running. We keep things varied, never random. Each day/week/month/quarter has a true focus and you’ll be exposed to long, heavy, short and light workouts. Everything has context and all intensity is relative which allows you to keep working out and making improvements for years to come. In our Koda classes, the goal is to become more efficient; essentially making more work easier. This is the path to your stronger life.

    Train with Koda Deer Creek. What makes us different.

    What makes us different?

    • We believe in only doing what is effective. Here, your coaches guide you through the little things (the finer points of the push-up) and the big things (how your effort today translates to a stronger life).
    • We believe in finding your starting point and moving forward sustainably. Being fit and capable shouldn’t have an end date.
    • We believe that connection to others is what makes us special. Show up to KODA knowing your coach sees you, not just your air squat and that you have more in common with your lifting partner than you think. We believe that laughter is an essential part of our classes. If it's fun, you'll be glad you came even in the middle of that tough third round!