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  • What We Do

    Fitness Class:
    Each class lasts an hour and is led by a skilled coach. We always start with a different structured warm-up before moving through a workout incorporating varied conditioning elements, (some high-intensity, some low-intensity), Olympic weightlifting, barbell lifts and bodybuilding. Each day is different, but follows a smart progression with functional athleticism as the guiding focus.

    Sometimes your goals simply require more metabolism-boosting lean muscle. This is an hour filled with bodybuilding for those who want to focus on building more lean muscle mass. Led by a knowledgeable coach, we use dumbbells, kettlebells and some barbells in creative ways to build functional muscles. #lookgoodnaked

    You’re new to this but you want change. You’re ready to start feeling strong and healthy but you don’t feel ready for our group classes. QuickStart is your one-on-one, custom option. This isn’t HIIT-lite or an intro. You get a coach and a program designed to take you from your Day 1 fitness level to someone more than capable to train with the group. After crushing your 3, 6, or 12 sessions, you have the option of joining the group or staying one-on-one with your coach. You’ll be supported by the KODA family either way! Get right to the results! Contact tre@kodacrossfit.com to learn more.

    Individual Design:
    ID is for individuals who have a specific goal and want a completely customized program. Work in-person or remotely towards a wide range of goals including body recomposition and overall health, pure aesthetics, sport specific performance and even preparing individuals for branches of the military and first responders. All bases are covered from nutrition, sleep, recovery, stress management and training of course. This is a one stop shop. Take away the doubt and move forward. Contact tre@kodacrossfit.com to learn more.

    Open Gym:
    For members only, each Sunday we host Open Gym for 2-3 hours. Come in and train outside of a class. Open Gym is always coach-supervised.

    Community Events, Local Business Partnerships, Outings & Parties:
    We love our people and we’re always looking to serve them better. Your membership opens you up to our network of gyms and to our local friends in business. Thrive outside of the gym with like-minded folks.